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The purpose of this game is to get the highest score possible by collecting orbs. As you collect orbs, you grow, can see farther, and your shots do more damage. However, your rate of fire and turn rate decrease, and boost recharges more slowly. When you get big enough, defending yourself against very small players who have not collected as many orbs gets harder, so scoring higher also gets harder!

This game is fast-action, and uses tank controls. It plays like an FPS, not as much like an IO game. It uses WASD and arrows for rotation, thrust, and reverse, K or X to shoot, Z or L to brake (stop quickly and rotate slowly), and spacebar to use the boost ability.

Everyone is very lethal, so even small players can threaten large ones, however collecting and growing can happen very fast, especially if you take down a larger player, which is challenging, but possible and extremely fun to do.

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